Stone Cut Bodies

Live healthy, live vibrant, and fall in love with your body.


If you are inspired to start or continue your fitness journey, if you are ready and excited to feel and look your best, if you want your workouts to challenge you while making your body lean and strong, you should come get fit with me! I love what I do! I enjoy seeing people progress to their healthiest selves, and experiencing the joy they derive from that transformation. I am passionate about wellness, and I love passing that passion on to my clients. Work out with me and smile while you sweat.

Everyday I get to help people lead healthier lives, obtain the bodies they want and increase their energy. What’s better than that? 

I am an NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Weight Loss Specialist with a B.A. in Biology and Psychology from Boston University. I have over five years of experience training clients of all different abilities, from body builders to pregnant women, people with injuries, seniors, people with a lot of weight to lose and people who are in great shape and just want to stay that way.  I develop a program individual to each of my clients’ needs, integrating cardio, resistance training, and sometimes yoga and Pilates, depending on their goals.  I have a strong focus on the core, because I believe a strong core is integral to a strong body. I travel with my own equipment.  I train clients in their homes, in outdoor parks when the weather is nice, and sometimes in my home. 

I also offer nutritional plans to help you reach your goals faster, as well as guidance for a detox or cleanse of five, ten or 21 days – which I myself do 3-4 times per year.

Our bodies want to be healthy, they want to move, they want to be nourished. When we give our bodies what they want, they reward us with health and vitality. Work out with me and feel amazing every day!


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  1. I love the tag line for you Blog, and I have a feeling you could kick my butt!

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