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Want to Drop a Few Pounds Quickly?

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This is the advice I give my clients. If you follow it, you’re sure to get results. Keep in mind I am not a doctor. Consult your physician before starting any new diet.

Some of my clients have a lot of weight to lose, and have a difficult time starting the process because the task seems so daunting. And some of my clients indulge a little too much over one holiday or another (ahem! I myself ate about two pounds of potato salad over the Fourth of July – God I love that stuff) and just want to drop the extra bit of weight. Either way, this diet is a great option. It is also a TEMPORARY option, not a forever diet. After finishing a week of eating the food types listed below, certain carbs and other foods can be added back in, interspersed with days of eating like this to maintain. It’s a great way to jumpstart your diet, or to get back on track if you’ve been derailed by hamburgers, hotdogs and onion dip. Of course if you go right back to doughnuts, brownies and bagels you’ll put any weight you’ve lost right back on. This diet is meant to motivate you to eat healthy by delivering quick results.

This diet does require strict adherence. Some diets let you have little cheat bites of ice cream or mashed potatoes. This diet won’t work properly if you cheat at all. It’s only a week, it’s really not that bad. By limiting your carbohydrates you are putting your body into ketosis – which means you are constantly burning fat. A side effect of this is loss of water weight. So not only are you burning fat, you are losing bloat caused by excess water. Sugar or carbohydrates will spike your insulin, which will disrupt this process. This is similar to the Atkins diet with a little less cheeseburger and a little more kale. A while back one of my clients said she tried this diet and complained that it didn’t work. I told her she must not have done it strictly or she’d be several pounds lighter. Then I sent her off with a grocery list made up of exactly the foods she could eat that week. The following week she had dropped five pounds. Do it. Don’t cheat. It works.

And the foods that are included can be really yummy! I do this whenever I’ve put on a few pounds I want to take off, and I never feel deprived. Eat slowly and until you are satiated. You should never feel hungry, but also don’t over stuff yourself.

The Very Basics

In a nutshell, this diet consists of very lean protein and low carb veggies. Some dairy can be included, but should be as limited as possible, and low fat. No breads, sugars, starches or fruits. It’s that simple. The basic list of foods is below.

Protein and Veggies












Bok Choy

A LITTLE onion






Eggs (try to eat mostly whites, a little yolk)

VERY LITTLE low fat cheese or cottage cheese

Lean Beef

I make a lot of salads, stir-fries and broth-based soups when on this diet. You can use lemon, vinegar, tamari and a little olive oil to flavor your dishes. I’ll occasionally throw a tiny bit of Parmesan cheese onto my salads to give them a little flavor boost.

Taking extra fiber with water on this diet is also a good idea.

I would never post a diet that didn’t allow for imbibing, (unless it’s detox, in which case imbibing would totally defeat the purpose) but I recommend limiting adult beverages to no more than two per day, and I’d stick to red wine or the occasional scotch or vodka, no mixers except club soda, and absolutely no beer.

Happy Health!



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