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Congratulations, Vanessa!

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Meet Vanessa.

I started training Vanessa a little over a year ago when she came to me with the goal of losing 15 pounds and wanting to firm up jiggly areas. She is an actor in Los Angeles and was not getting cast as often as she liked. She is quite talented and thought if she could just whip her body into better shape, more casting doors might open for her. She started training with me once a week and exercising several times per week on her own, and she took my detailed dietary advice exactly. She never felt deprived or hungry, was actually surprised at the quantity of food she could eat when making smart choices, and she loved the recipes I passed along to her. She lost those 15 pounds within two months and soon found herself cast in the starring role of a SAG film and flown to Arkansas to shoot. The role required her to be in a naughty Santa negligee (no, it wasn’t that kind of film….) and she confided to me she would not have scored the role if she hadn’t acquired the confidence that came with her newly toned and healthy body.

This is her before:

Vanessa Front Before

And this is her after two months of working with me, all Santa-ed up for one of her scenes:

Vanessa After 1                         Vanessa After 2

I am so proud of her! This is why I love what I do. It is amazing to watch someone reach their fitness goals and sculpt their body into what they’d like to see.

She still trains with me every week and she still looks freakin’ fantastic. Congrats, Vanessa!


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