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Tomato Flavor Boost

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There are still a few precious weeks of summer remaining, which means a few more weeks of luscious summer produce. Tomatoes fresh from the garden (or for me, fresh from the farmer’s market) are juicy, sweet, and wonderful in lots of salads and dishes. Most people know tomatoes and basil go together like peanut butter and jelly, what I didn’t realize until recently is that the basil doesn’t have to actually be served with the tomatoes. Basil has such a strong flavor, it can dominate a dish, which is fantastic if that’s what you employ your basil to do, in, say, a Caprese salad. But serendipitously, I discovered another way to use this herb. At the farmer’s market, I bought both tomatoes and basil at one stand. I put them both in the same bag, and when I sliced the tomatoes for a salad and bit into them, they had the slightest hint of sweet basil that had seeped into their skins – which elevated their flavor without dominating them. Try storing your tomatoes with a sprig or two of fresh basil. You salads will love the boost! Happy Health!

Tomato Basil




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