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Turmeric ~ A Beautiful, Yummy Spice With Lots of Health Benefits

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I eat eggs pretty much every day for breakfast in some type of scramble or frittata. While there is conflicting evidence about the effect of dietary cholesterol on LDL (bad) cholesterol, and egg yolks are a great source of protein and multiple vitamins and minerals, I try to limit myself to one yolk per day for several reasons. I did a quick Google search for “yolks and cholesterol” and the first four articles that popped up were “Are Egg Yolks Healthy?” “Eating Egg Yolks Almost as Dangerous as Smoking” and “Why You Should Eat More, Not Less Cholesterol.” The jury is definitely out on this stuff. Limiting myself to no more than one yolk a day seems reasonable in the face of all this conflicting information. Using just one yolk also helps to lighten up egg dishes and keep the calorie count down.

But egg whites can seem boring and flavorless. Turmeric to the rescue! This is an amazing spice that adds not only a slightly spicy, earthy flavor to eggs, but also tricks your eyes into thinking there is more yolk than there actually is because of its bright yellow color. You eat with your eyes first, and turmeric makes eggs beautiful and yolky looking.

On top of all this greatness, turmeric also has major anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties, especially when mixed with black pepper which helps your body absorb the curcumin (the beneficial compound in turmeric.) It’s also wonderful for helping with joint pain and arthritis. Add a dash to your eggs every day. Happy Health!


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