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The Best Exercise for Weight Loss

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Running 2 Cropped

While all of my clients have different needs and goals, many of them have the common desire to lose weight. Of course any type of exercise is better than being completely sedentary, but some types of exercise are better than others for dropping pounds. For my weight loss clients, this is what I prescribe:

High Intensity Intervals

(sprints, jump squats, jumping lunges, jumping jacks)

High intensity intervals are the best form of cardio to torch calories. I love a good endurance run, but I burn more calories when I run sprints – that is, running as fast as I can for a short period of time, and then walking or resting for a short period of time. If you’re new to exercise, your intense period will be shorter than your rest period, but you can mix it up and play with the intervals as you progress. Start with a ratio of 10 seconds of intense work to 40 seconds of resting (a 1:4 ratio) and work up to a 1:1 ratio (10 seconds of work to 10 seconds of rest,) and then to a 2:1 ratio (20 seconds of work to 10 seconds of rest.) 20-30 minutes of this 3-5 times per week is all you need to start seeing results. In addition to burning more calories  as compared to steady-state cardio while you’re working out, you will also continue to burn more calories post-workout. A metabolic bump, what’s better than that?

 Core Work

(crunches, pulses, bicycles, leg lowers, plank, push ups (also count as resistance training,) back crunches, bow pose)

I incorporate core work into all my clients’ routines. You will need a strong core for good posture to support all physical activity. This will also help you to avoid injury, not to mention the flat, sexy abs you’ll acquire. Make sure to incorporate exercises that target your back as well as your abs, you want a strong core, not just a strong belly.

 Resistance Training

(anything using a barbell, dumbbell, weight machine or body weight to build muscle)

Building muscle is another great way to give yourself a metabolic jump.  Muscle burns more calories than fat even when at rest, at a ratio of 2.5 to 1. So in a day, ten pounds of muscle would burn 50 calories, as opposed to ten pounds of fat, which would burn 20. It adds up. Plus a toned body looks great and muscle works to stabilize your joints which will also help you to avoid injury. A trifecta of fitness!

These exercises, used together and performed regularly can turn your body into a fat-burning machine. I continue to have a fast metabolism (despite no longer being a young whippersnapper) because I work out intensely and I have a lot of muscle mass. Make your body work for you. Happy Health!


*Consult your physician before starting any type of exercise plan.









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