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What My Clients Are Saying

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Erika has been my personal trainer for about 6 weeks now. I didn’t know a lot about about eating healthy so with the workouts and her help with nutrition I have lost 24 lbs so far, feeling better and getting healthy for the first time in my life. 🙂  She is AMAZING!!

~ Linda G.

I was happy to find someone within my budget and helping me starting a new leaf toward better health. Her recommended diet is sound and works. Ultimately, if you follow exactly what she is recommending and be discipline and driven about it, you will experience positive results. I am only two weeks into her training and started already regaining energy and breathing. I lost 3.5lbs in a week!

~ Elina L.


Erika is AMAZING!  She has completely changed the way that I view food and exercise.  In the first week of her diet and workout plan I lost eight pounds!  Her workouts are fun and challenging and she has whipped my butt into shape (quite literally, you should see it, it looks great!).  I feel amazing.  I look great!  And I never had to starve myself to do it. Erika has actually changed my life and I am so grateful to her for it.  So if you need someone who is fun, tough, and knows what they are doing, look no further, Erika is the best!

~ Vanessa P.


Erika is a great trainer. Her sessions are exhausting and get results. I like that she doesn’t rely on fancy equipment or the same exercises over and over each week. She really listened to my input and custom designed a constantly changing series of simple exercises to help me build strength.

If you are considering hiring a trainer in Los Angeles, try a couple sessions with Erika and I am sure you will be sold on her approach.

~ Sean B.


I’ve been working out with Erika almost every weekend since the fall of 2010, and she is – for many reasons – awesome.  For one, she is extremely reliable – she has never once been late or canceled – and she is very easy to schedule and plan with.  Every workout with her is different, and challenging – I’ve clearly gotten stronger as a result of working with her – but at the same time, never any strains or pains from overdoing it or moving the wrong way – I feel like she’s really in tune to my form and what I can do.

She’s got a great attitude/personality – she’s laid-back and encouraging, and always fun to talk to (when I have my breath).  And another great thing, our workouts are outside – we go back and forth between two parks, one of which is two minutes from my apartment in Hollywood (she has also opened her place up to me the few times it’sbeen too cold/raining, and offered to work out right in my apartment as well).

I worked with a few trainers at my gym before I found her, and didn’t enjoy them nearly as much (and gym rates were WAY more expensive).  As your average 29-year-old guy looking to get in better shape – and break up the monotony of L.A. Fitness – I feel lucky to have found Erika – can’t recommend her enough!

~ Jamie A.


She puts me through hell, but that’s what I need.  She will give you a combination of personal training and cooking class all in one…thanks Erika.

~ Babak S.


I’ve been working out with Erika for a couple of years now. I get bored easily and Erika is great at designing a work out that not only best fits your needs but also keeps you interested. I feel amazing after each workout and saw results immediately. I couldn’t be happier. Erika is the best!

~ Alia L.


Training with Erika is amazing!  She creates personal work-outs for you and your goals and she has such a vast amount of different exercises that your workout will never get boring or too repetitive.  I have been working out with her for about a year now and I love it!  I started seeing results quickly and her fun and friendly character make the sessions really enjoyable.  She will kick your butt but at the same time she is super fun to talk to and has a great sense of humor, which makes it so much easier to motivate since she creates such a pleasant atmosphere.
Her vast knowledge about nutrition is really helpful for anyone who wants to live/eat healthier or shed some pounds for the summer.
I have worked out with other trainers before and Erika is by far the best I have met.
I would not train with anyone else!

~ Anna B.


Erika is a great trainer that keeps your workout interesting and your body challenged. You shouldn’t expect her to ever go easy on you (and if you ask her to, you might just get an even harder workout!), but what you can expect is a workout that’s tailored to your fitness level, works out every muscle in your body, and helps you achieve the fitness goals you set. She’s a great motivator, has an excellent personality that makes the time fly by, and knows what she’s doing. Love her!

~ Brittany C.


I’ve been working out with Erika once a week for two years.  Erika is reliable, responsible & always on time.  She customizes my workouts and I don’t repeat the same workout because just when I think she can’t find any, she surprises me and pulls a new exercise, which means she keeps me challenged and on several occasion has also kicked my butt.  I feel stronger than I have ever been.  As for personality, I agree, she’s great.  We have such great conversations every time we workout and she also provides nutritional information so it’s a great bonus.



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